Use Video To Market Your Business

Shared by Denise Butchko - Designer/Marketer who
 Teaches Marketing Online

how to use video for business - Watch now!

Are you tired of hearing about the importance of video and not knowing how to use it to market your business ?

Watching this tip and tactic packed session will answer your questions.

I show you:

  • Why video is one of the most important marketing tools you can use
  • A "You Tube Tour" that includes the most important things you need to do with your channel
  • Ideas on how to use the videos you create to actually market your business

I see "big" companies that think they have to do everything "big production" and I don't buy that. I'm not saying there isn't a time and place for uber professional quality production. But that should not keep you from getting started with using video to market your business, and I've got some great ways for you to do that. 

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I'm known for hosting webinars that not only give great tips and tools, but are inspiring and fun and will get you into action. This session just does that.

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